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Make a good impression when applying for casual employment or full time work - include a cover letter with your resume.


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Casual Employment

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Year 11 VCAL 2019

Year 11 VCAL students will complete 2 weeks of Structured Workplacement in Term 2. 

Tuesday 11th June - Friday 21st June, 2019

Work Experience 2019

Year 10 students will complete work experience in Term 2.

Monday 8th May - Friday 10th May, 2019

Student Recognition
VET Engineering 2017

Here are some examples of the projects completed by our current Year 2 Engineering Students:  
Jacob Spence (Yr 11)

and Wilondra Kashindi (Year 12).

The students had to interpret drawings and use lathes, milling machines and pedestal drills to manufacture a large, wobbly stationary engine. The completed product operates as a 2 stroke engine fuelled by compressed air. The students should be very pleased with the skills and knowledge they have developed in VET Engineering during the 2 year program.

Click here to view video of Engineering project in action.

2017 SBATs

On Thursday 16th November CVGT presented Tuna Mabok, Ronila Monalo, Baran Hosseini and Chelsea Dennis with their certificates of completion for their School Based Apprenticeships. Each student received Certificate III in Individual Support with Chelsea receiving a special award for her efforts throughout the year. MSC would like to congratulate each of these students for their dedication to their career pathways.


2018 WEC VET Awards

The 3rd WEC VET in School Awards was held  at Tapcorp Park on 20 November. Congratulations to the following students who received the following awards:


VET Excellence Award

Tyrone Doorgah – Yr 1 Horticulture


School VET Award

Ebony Carter – Cert III VCE VET Sport & Recreation


Outstanding Students:

Yr 1 Horticulture – Tyrone Doorgah

Yr 2 Automotive – Samuel Ushindi

Yr 2 Building – Paul Bridges

Yr 2 Creative Industries, Screen & Media – Declan Porter

Yr 2 Electrotechnology – Samuel Warren

Yr 2 Salon Assistant – Emily Reeve

Yr 2 Sport & Recreation – Ebony Carter

Yr 2 Sport & Recreation - Sydney Hayes


Most Improved students:

Yr 1 Electrotechnology – Mitchell Zaghet-Donaldson

Yr 1 Information Digital Media & Technology – Deo Nuon

Yr 1 Horticulture - Nathan Young

Yr 1 Plumbing – Jordan Vella

Yr 1 Salon Assistant – Pawanvir Manan

Yr 2 Building – Tovia Lualua

Yr 2 Salon Assistant – Caitlin Evans


Endeavour Awards

Yr 1 Creative Industries, Screen & Media – Kristiana Rodriguez

Yr 1 Horticulture – Adam Markovic

Yr 2 Electrotechnology – Brodie Medley

Yr 2 Salon Assistant – Paige Andrews